Welcome to Century Management and CM Advisors Family of Funds

Since our 1974 inception, Century Management has provided separate account money management services for individuals, families, trusts, partnerships, pensions, foundations and businesses. Then, in 2003, the CM Advisors Family of Funds began to offer the same services through its mutual fund offerings. Whether through an individually managed account or through one of our mutual funds, at our core, we adhere to a value-based investment philosophy that runs counter to general market psychology.

Specifically, using our proprietary quantitative and qualitative models, we incorporate the fundamental analysis of individual companies, their industries, and their competitors into our decision making and portfolio management process.

We closely align our interests with those of our clients. Our officers, employees and their families have substantial, and in most cases, all of their investments in the same securities we employ in our clients' portfolios. Through our execution and service, we are dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals.

We welcome your visit to our website and hope you learn more about our approach to value investing.


The Century Management Team